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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Tips to Getting More Subscribers

If you aren't quite satisfied with the amount of subscribers
you currently have; below are a few techniques that may
benefit you. Having a large subscriber list is an important
part of any online business you may be involved in. 

1} Have Your Sign Up Form on the Home Page

When a visitor views your site and is interested in subscribing
to your newsletter; you need to make it easy for them to
subscribe. Don't make them have to search through page after
page just to sign up. Place the subscription form where they 
can see it as soon as they arrive at your site.

2} Have a "Tell a Friend" Link on Your Site

You would be surprised how many new subscribers you can 
pick up just by having a "Tell a Friend" form on your website. 
As I was researching information for this article I read where 
one persons subscriber base doubled within 6 months by 
using this method.

3} Entice Visitors to Subscribe

Offer anyone who signs up to your newsletter a Free Report, 
Product or E-course. Make them want to sign up. People online 
are like people offline; we all want something for free. 
Bribery is not excluded only to children.

4} Post your link in Forums and Newsgroups

Don't make it be a blatant long ad; instead design a two to three 
line ad for your ezine and leave it as a sig line when you post a 
comment. This method also works great when leaving 
comments on blogs. When you comment on others blogs; 
there's a good chance they will in turn visit your site.

5} Ad Swaps

This technique is a great way to gain exposure for your 
newsletter or website. Write up a short, to the point ad 
describing your newsletter and contact the ezine owners to 
see if they will swap ads with you. You, in return, include their 
ad in your newsletter. It's a total win-win situation.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Blogging Tips

Do you want to start your own blog? Are you nervous because you don't know where to start? In this post I will
suggest some tips for you.


First you must decide what you want to blog about. What are your interests, your likes, your dislikes? That's the
best thing about blogging. You can have a successful blog on things that piss you off. People that piss you off.
What ever topic you decide on make sure it is something you are passionate about. Do you enjoy crafting? Are
you more into cooking? 

Blog Servers:

There are many free blog providers that offer nice blogs for you to use. Some of the most populare blog providers
are:,,,, Spend a day googling "free blog
providers" and decide on one.


This is the fun part, take your time and go through all the various templates included with your blog providers. If you
are blogging on cooking try and find a "cooking" themes. If your blog is to be about "internet marketing" try and 
find a professional looking template.

Place Ads:

Google AdSense is the most popular way to make revenue from your blog. You get paid when someone clicks on
their ad. TextLink, AdBrite, Tribal Fusion and Value Click are a few programs to use. 

Affiliate Programs:

This is probably the best way to make good money on your blog. Say if your blog is about fishing; then you join
some fishing affiliate programs and place their banners ads or text ads in your blog. If your blog is about gardening; 
then you join some gardening affiliate programs. Commission Junction, Amazon Associates and Link Share are
some of the most popular sites to find decent affiliate programs to join.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stress And Work

At the workplace, an employee must not only deal with the workload but also with the environment, particularly the people you work with. Here, several factors come into play and contribute at producing job stress. Problem people on your job may include your co-workers, managers, or your boss. You need to learn how to properly deal with them so you can prevent stress from devastating your working experience.

Manage Stress and Problem People

Problem people are not just confined to the workplace but in other aspects of everyday life that require you to work together. However, it is more pressing to address this issue at work since the company's productivity is in the line. If you are leading a group of co-employees wherein you need to work at a given task, you have to know what to do in order to manage them properly. Or else, you'd fail to meet the task deadline and end up suffering from high levels of stress. Here are some strategies you can employ:

Be tough. If you find that some of your co-workers or employees are not pulling their weight, you need to impose authority in order for them to realize the need to provide quality workforce. You can do this by setting standards and work boundaries for employees to live up to.
Communicate assertively. Openly discuss with the people you are working with about each of your responsibilities to a given project or task. If possible, try to approach the matter objectively and free of any emotional leverage. Emphasize your aim to produce an efficient working relationship that results to higher productivity.

About Unreasonable Demands

Most jobs entail their own set of demands. However, there are certain instances wherein unreasonable demands could arise. You need to learn how to identify one against the other in order to know which ones to attend to first. One way to do that is to analyze your job description and what type of work is expected of you by the company. If any demand outside of your work description arises, you need to know how to turn it down while focusing on your job priorities.

This is not to say that you must refuse to attend to real emergencies in the workplace. However, this must not involve just one person but everyone who is concerned. You need to work together in coming up with an effective solution to any of these problems when they arise so you can reduce the level of stress produced by that given situation.

Producing Better Teamwork

If you're serious about reducing job stress, then you need to come up with an efficient checklist system for your team design. This will enable you to raise awareness about issues or problem areas experienced by your team when working on a given project or task. One way to produce better teamwork is to encourage a feedback system. With this, you can remained focus on increasing performance and relieving team stress.

When coming up with a team design, you need to consider the following important factors:

The number of people in your team.
Do you need to work together? Or, must you perform separate and individual tasks towards a common goal?
Does it require technical skills?
Does it require social skills?
Does your team have all the resources it need?
What is the time frame for working on the project?
How effective is your feedback system?

Proper Team Negotiation

Much of the job stress involved with working on a team project is rooted in your inability to resolve conflicts within the group. Therefore, having proper team negotiation skills will help you conquer the stress. Although neither an aggressive nor a passive approach will help your cause, you need to come up with a solution that is agreeable to both parties and one that will benefit the organization.

Different situations require different manners of negotiation. Therefore, you need to use this point to determine exactly what the source of conflict is. Is it lack of resources or lack of proper communication? Then, you can plan a solution accordingly. Once you have worked out possible solutions for the problem, then you will realize how it can significantly reduce the amount of job stress and you'd achieve a more productive working environment.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

3 Easy Marketing Tips


You can be a success in Internet Marketing if you follow these tried
and true techniques. In this article I would like to share a few
marketing tips that have proven to be helpful in my marketing adventures.

1) Commit

The number one rule in internet marketing is to think of your time online
as a job. You must make a commitment and stick with it. Knock out
your household chores early in the morning if at all possible. Set regular
hours and keep to them.

2) Niche

Decide on a niche and keep focused on that. If your marketing "Gardening"
products you don't want to advertise or promote to fishing blogs or websites.

3) Don't jump around

If an affiliate program you are involved in is working for you; stick with
that program. A lot of marketers join too many programs and can't keep
up with them. I personally know of a fellow marketer that has joined
everything from "Genealogy" to "Home Remedies." The sad part is that she
has invested money in all of them and is now not involved with any of them.

If you find any of these tips have been of help to you please leave a
comment and let me know.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Tips on Getting More Subscribers


If you aren't quite satisfied with the amount of subscribers you currently have; there are a few techniques in this article that may benefit you. Having a large subscriber list is an important part of any online business you may be involved in.

1} Have Your Sign Up Form on the Home Page

When a visitor views your site and is interested in subscribing to your newsletter; you need to make it easy for them to subscribe. Don't make them have to search through pages just to sign up. Place the subscription form where they can see it as soon as they view your site.

2} Have a "Tell a Friend" Link on Your Site

You would be surprised how many new subscribers you can pick up just by having a "Tell a Friend" form on your website. As I was researching information for this article I read where one persons subscribers base doubled within 6 months by using this method.

3} Entice Visitors to Subscribe

Offer anyone who signs up to your newsletter a Free Report, Product or Ecourse. Make them want to sign up. People online are like people offline; we all want somethingfor free. Bribery is not excluded only to children.

4} Post your link in Forums and Newsgroups

Don't make it be a blatent long ad; instead design a two to three line ad for your ezine and leave it as a sig line when you post a comment. This method also works great when leaving comments on blogs. When you comment on other's blogs; there's a good chance they will in turn visit your site.

5} Ad Swaps

This technique is a great way to gain exposure for your much needed website. Write up a short, to the point ad describing your newsletter and contact the ezine owners to see if they will swap ads with you. You, in return, include their ad in your newsletter. It's a total win-win situation.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Big Affiliate Mistakes

Making money with affiliate programs can be a rewarding experience if you simply follow a few guidelines. In this article I intend to give you a heads up on five of the biggest mistakes affiliate marketers make. Internet Marketing is a great way to make money online and I hope you succeed in your online experience.                                          

 1) Joining too many Programs:   This is a mistake that almost every body starting out makes. You join one program, then find another program that sounds too good to pass up. Just trust me and "Pass it Up." You need to choose and stick with one or two affiliate programs.

 2) Using the same Ad:   Reword your ad. How many times have you seen the same affiliate ad over and over. Go back to your sales page and re-read it. Pick out the words that made you join, then put them together in your ad.

3) Selling to the Wrong Crowd:   Target your product! Look in the search engines for ezines that are related to what you are offering. Then sign up for their newsletters. If you're selling sports equipment you need to subscribe to sporting equipment websites.

 4) Choosing the Wrong Affiliate Program:   It's hard to sell cheap things online, let alone products that you are trying to sale for hundreds of dollars. I've seen some affiliate programs that want $200 or more for their product.If you believe in the Program then you should buy the product, use the product then promote the product. If you have any bad vibes about the affiliate program you probably won't do well with it.

5) Giving up too soon!:   Yup! Any Guru will tell you the same thing. Don't give up! Stick with it and just keep promoting, promoting and promoting. If you are really serious about selling online you can't quit! Stick with the program and give it some time to show financial profits.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

4 Article Writing Tips

It is not unusual for everyone to be writing on the net now a days. The way to be successful though, is how much to write and what to write about. Blogs and article writing directories have greatly increased the amount of writing that people do. It doesn't matter if you are writing a journal type blog or business type blog; in order for you to succeed here are a few tips you may want to consider.

Keep it short.

The difference between writing online and writing for print magazines is the length of the article. People online are usually in a hurry and in order for you to get them to stop and read what you have written you must keep it short. Get to the point and tell them the information they are seeking.

Use Sub-Headings

Nobody wants to take the time to read an article that is one big paragraph. By using sub-headings it's easier on the eyes and will get the readers attention long enough to actually read what you've written. An extra benefit of using sub-headings is, it will be easier for the search engines to find you by using various keywords. Imagine having your article on one of the top spots in yahoo and google searches. How cool will that be?


This is a must do on your list before posting an article or blog. The best way to proofread your article is to read it out loud. You want it to roll off your tongue not make you stutter. And please do not depend on spell checkers. You don't want your readers to (two) (too) think you're an idiot do you? Another good thing to do before posting your article is to set it aside and re-read it later. It's better to wait and re-read; then post an article you've just written. Trust me on this.

Market Your Article

You may think you have written the greatest article ever; but I"m sure you don't want it to be "for your eyes only." Your article needs exposure if you want to be a success. Post it in article directories; share with editors of the newsletters you read. Lot of blogs nowadays are wanting and needing guest post writers for their blogs. The more you spread the word; the more readers you will get and the more successful your blog will become.