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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

4 Article Writing Tips

It is not unusual for everyone to be writing on the net now a days. The way to be successful though, is how much to write and what to write about. Blogs and article writing directories have greatly increased the amount of writing that people do. It doesn't matter if you are writing a journal type blog or business type blog; in order for you to succeed here are a few tips you may want to consider.

Keep it short.

The difference between writing online and writing for print magazines is the length of the article. People online are usually in a hurry and in order for you to get them to stop and read what you have written you must keep it short. Get to the point and tell them the information they are seeking.

Use Sub-Headings

Nobody wants to take the time to read an article that is one big paragraph. By using sub-headings it's easier on the eyes and will get the readers attention long enough to actually read what you've written. An extra benefit of using sub-headings is, it will be easier for the search engines to find you by using various keywords. Imagine having your article on one of the top spots in yahoo and google searches. How cool will that be?


This is a must do on your list before posting an article or blog. The best way to proofread your article is to read it out loud. You want it to roll off your tongue not make you stutter. And please do not depend on spell checkers. You don't want your readers to (two) (too) think you're an idiot do you? Another good thing to do before posting your article is to set it aside and re-read it later. It's better to wait and re-read; then post an article you've just written. Trust me on this.

Market Your Article

You may think you have written the greatest article ever; but I"m sure you don't want it to be "for your eyes only." Your article needs exposure if you want to be a success. Post it in article directories; share with editors of the newsletters you read. Lot of blogs nowadays are wanting and needing guest post writers for their blogs. The more you spread the word; the more readers you will get and the more successful your blog will become.

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