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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Well, We aren't moving!

After Kevin got home from work and saw how sad I was about having to move; we sat down and talked about it. He doesn't want to leave the farm either. He'll continue to drive the 40 mile trip to Decatur. Ala. Even though he can't stand the drive.

This is the first time we have ever (in 14) years been in one state for a whole year. He's a Pipefitter Foreman and we usually move every 3 to 4 months. But, he got offered a Permanent job so we're still here. Yay!

I love the weather here, our growing season is really long, we're still getting mustards, turnips and carrots in our garden. I call it the "Garden that won't die".

We had to leave for 3 weeks this summer to go up to a job in Green Bay and paid the Farmer next door $200 to tend to our chickens, the garden and pick up our mail and paper. He did a great job too, except he failed to water the garden. We lost gobs of Corn and Tomatoes. But we still got plenty of everything else. Snow peas especially. And Potatoes, peanuts and anything else I could find to plant.

My brother calls me Janni Appleseed. LOL

We're already looking through the new seed catalogues to see what we'll plant this year. We were truly blessed
with a Wonderful Bounty this last summer. Thank you, God!!!!!!

Well, better go and check the rest of my mail and finish up some chores before the kids get home from school.
I made a Big Supper last night so tonight it's Pizza. Oh Yeah!

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