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Friday, January 14, 2005

Yikes! It's Friday

The kids are going to be out of school for the week-end. Which means time away from putie. So, guess I better stay online today and make the most of it.

My printer has been down, it just quit. Well, last night hubby surprised me with a new printer, scanner, copier all in one thing. Can't wait to start playing with it. First thing I want to do is find some tractor patterns so I can
make a few scroll saw projects to sale down at the Farmers Co-Op. I've got a deer, and a few other of my projects down at this other store for sale. I also need to get some made up for all these Hunters and Fishing.
There are lots and lots of fishing tournaments happening here this summer, cause of all the lakes and the Tennessee River. Which is about 6 miles from our farm.

Well that's about enough for now, gotta go start some chores.

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