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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another Day

Well, we got back from the job in S.C. so me and the kids are back in Alabama.
Hubby left for the job starting up in Pa. Whaaaaa!

First time in 14 years we've been apart, but it's just for a couple of weeks. We need
the bucks. Wow, a whole bed to myself. Well, actually not to myself. Seems the kids
have decided to take turns sleeping in our bed with different excuses. There's a
spider in my room had to have been the best one so far. Ha!!!!!!!

Really though it was hard saying good bye at the airport. OMG! The kids and I were
all taking it bad. Hell, even hubby was crying. Poor little 5 year old Barbie was sobbing
so bad some lady came over and just held her and let her cry.

I don't see how the families that are saying good bye to the military Moms, Dads, etc
can do it. Man, it tore us up and he's just going to be gone for two weeks. And he's not
going to dangerous territories.

Well, it's getting late, guess I'll call it a night. The kids are asleep, dishes are done and so
am I.

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